Wednesday, November 05, 2008

One thing after another

Since it seems like so much has been happening lately (and I don't have a lot of time to post), I'm going to give a quick day-by-day recap since last week...

Oct 31 - Took Casey to the town Halloween parade and she had a great time (esp the part when she got candy). Matthew took her trick-or-treating around to the neighbors while Ken and I stayed home to greet the kids that stopped by. Matthew started the day as a Ninja (see picture below) and ended it as a hockey player...long story...but it's hard being a kid sometimes!

Nov 1 - Got up at 4:30am and left the house at 5:00am for my drive down to Alexandria, VA for the sweater design workshop with Stefanie Japel (I'll add in hyperlinks later). Had a BEAUTIFUL drive down and enjoyed the road trip by myself (although I'll admit my hands were itching to knit as I'm used to doing with Ken behind the wheel). I got a chance to catch up on my ipod music - and loved listening to it at a normal volume (my desk speakers at the office aren't quite the same). Arrived at the hotel to meet Alyssa and Jess at 8:30 - and we headed over to The Morrison House around 9:00 (and were almost the last ones there). Stefanie was SUCH a joy to work with and learn from - she is just one of the nicest people EVER! When it was time for our lunch break a whole bunch of us headed over to the LYS - what a gorgeous day in Old Town!!! We were really spoiled with the class and weather and wonderful knitters. I have to admit, while some may consider it dorky to sit around and knit with a group of ladies - it was like being in HEAVEN - no explaining terms or wondering if people are looking at you funny. When the class finished for the day, Alyssa, Jess and I wandered around a bit, popping into some antique stores and walking down to the waterfront. If I wasn't so exhausted from getting up so early I would have totally been more energized to do more (sorry Jess). The torpedo factory that is converted into artist studios was a diamond in the rough (think: a mall where the shops are actual studios of artists who work on premises and sell their work). I kept thinking of art school and how much my friends and I would have died for something like this back in the day. Dwight was also in my thoughts - I'll have to touch base with him soon! A, J and I went to Mai Thai for dinner, and I am happy to say I have now tried Thai food and it was delicious! Jessica was all gung-ho to do some touristy things afterward but my body said it wouldn't make it much longer. We walked back the hotel (after lugging our 20 pounds of yarn and books around for a good portion of the day) and collapsed in the room. We stayed up for a while - working on our patterns, doing LOTS AND LOTS of math, tweaking details of our design and laughing at each others stories.

Nov 2 - woke up with a splitting headache which turned into a migraine (similar to what I had the day we went to Rhinebeck). I tried everything to dissolve the pain - ended up drinking lots of water, taking some advil and sleeping an extra hour. It was bad. A & J went off to the class ahead of me and I slowly took a shower and got ready. What a morning! The Sunday portion of class was less "teaching" and more helping/asking/frogging (for me at least). We exchanged contact information with the wonderful ladies we met and headed out. Well, almost headed out. We stopped at a wonderfully quaint antique shop that had so many little treasures. To add to the ambiance they had some music playing - it wasn't Ella Fitzgerald, but similar (so you get the gist). We eventually hit the road and started our treks home. Once again, the drive was relaxing. I got home in time for dinner and received dozens of hugs from Casey (and some kisses from Ken). Whenever I leave Ken alone at the house too long it is inevitable that things get moved/rearranged. This weekend was no exception. He arranged a small table in the corner of our dining room for me to keep my knitting supplies (winder/swift/etc). It was so sweet!

Nov 3 - Got a call from Ken mid-morning that a good friend of ours had a heart attack and died earlier that day. Bette and Wayne had just retired in March, sold their house in NJ and moved to the Outer Banks. Wayne got up and didn't feel "right". By the time Bette figured out what was happening, it was too late. Wayne will be missed. He was such a great guy. Since my parents were heading down to S.C. to see my grandmother on Tuesday afternoon, we went to my parents house on Monday night to celebrate my dad's birthday (Tuesday). My grandmother has Alzheimer's and is in her 90s. About 10 days ago she fell and broke her hip. The care center where she lives took her to the hospital and they replaced the hip joint (ball). The doctor's and nurses have told my parents that she is not doing well...and my family is preparing for the worst. Please keep us, especially my dad, in your prayers.

Nov 4 - election day - enough said. Upside, I started working on the cape from where Knitter K started. It looks like our gauge is pretty close so I'm happy I don't have to rework it - or adjust the needle size. It's definitely a "home" project - although I considered bringing it on the train now that I know how "simple" the cable patterns are to follow. Stay tuned for photos...

Nov 5 - day after election day - again, nothing to add. I ordered additional Dark Horse "Fantasy" yarn to complete my Stefanie inspired sweater (the LYS only had 2 balls in the color I chose).

Maybe the week is looking up?

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