Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good and Bad Things to Know (and Bonus Points)

Let's start with what prompted this post in the first place...a REALLY BAD thing to know!!!

On Monday my alarm clock went off at 5:21am. As per my routine, I hit the snooze alarm. At 5:29 I apparently hit the snooze again - instead of getting out of bed. At 5:37 the alarm sounded once again and I was out of bed like a lightning bolt! Believe it or not, I showered, dressed, dried my hair and was downstairs putting my coat on to leave for the train station 2 minutes earlier than usual. I couldn't believe it.

I told myself - well, that's a bad thing to know.

On Tuesday my alarm clock went off at 5:21am. I hit the snooze. I got up at 5:29.

This morning the alarm went off, I hit snooze, it went off again, and I accidentally hit snooze.

Finding out I could sleep until 5:37 is a REALLY BAD thing to know!

Good things to know (in no particular order):
- When the mortgage and car payments are due
- The birthday's of your friends and family
- When you get paid (and how much money you have in the bank)
- How much time you have to knit each day :o)
- How much time it takes to walk from home to the bagel shop to the train station each morning
- Inevitably, Knit Picks Interchangeable Harmony tips WILL come out of their the middle of a row...causing you to drop stitches...(keep some Krazy Glue on hand - the gel tube fits nicely in your notions bag)

Bad things to know (again, no particular order):
- The last possible moment you have get out of bed in the morning
- How much you've lost in the market/401K/investments this year
- How much yarn is actually in your stash - yikes!

There are, of course (!!!) millions of other good and bad things to know. If you post one of your "things" I'll give you 2 extra bonus chances in the contest (maybe I should add that to the list of "good" things to know).


p.s. bonus points are also being awarded for the following: first person to sign up (I'm keeping it a secret); person with the most referrals; "Friend"ing me on Ravelry; anyone who signs up as a blog "follower"...I'm sure I'll think up a couple more ways over the next few weeks...stay tuned!


Turtle said...

with such a 401K loss should your yarn stash really be listed in the bad category? I would think that it is a stash for all us who will be poor and needing yarn to knit later! My mom may be retiring by feb (waiting approval for early retirement) and she is building her craft stash!

A Homely Heroine said...

Bonus points? Hurray!

Good thing to know ~ the date that great new film arrives in your local cinema.

Bad thing to know ~ how many minutes/hours it is till you finish work, and that it will be dark before you get home ; (

Sarah said...

Good thing to know: I can finish my work project early enough to take a Ravelry break.

Bad thing to know: As soon as I'm done and open my door, someone will come by and say, "Oh, you're caught up?" and have another project for me.

Liz aka luckiest.mommy.ever said...

Good thing to know~ Even when your toddler's temperature hits 105 degrees the doctors still consider it "no big deal."

Bad thing to know~ The one time your toddler's temperature hits 104 degrees and you don't call to make an appt. (because, you know, "it's no big deal.") you may be dealing with an ear infection gone horribly bad!

I'm not officially in your contest, but I must say I'm impressed that you have the time to both knit and coordinate a contest! No doubt you have it meticulously laid out in some fancy computer program or your Palm! You go girl! The winner is going to be one lucky individual!

ikkinlala said...

Good thing to know: when your essays are due.

Bad thing to know: that you can usually still get good marks when you start writing your essays the night before they're due.

Elaine said...

Good thing to know - there are lots of good kind people in the world - people who are there cheering for you in the good times and bad.

Bad thing to know - some of the people you expected most to be in your cheering section aren't.

Unknown said...

Good thing to know: I should go out for my walk early because it gets dark so early now.

Bad thing to know: It is really cold out and so it's easy to procrastinate and not go out for the walk.

Unknown said...

Good thing - That spring will come.

Bad thing - Winter is here.

Unknown said...

Good thing to know: If you eat too much you feel crummy afterwards.

Bad thing to know: You can eat as much as you want at the buffet.

Dora said...

Good thing to know: That I will actually finish my knitting for Christmas and you can use earrings for stitch markers in a pinch.

Bad thing to know: how many calories are those Christmas treats.

rita said...

Good thing to know--even though my husband has lost his job and his 410k was worth 30% less when he rolled it over into an IRA and the dishwasher broke and we can't afford to have it fixed, we still have each other and know we'll get through this okay.

Bad thing to know--now that my husband has so much time on his hands, he's baking cookies, making candy, and cooking delicious meals that invariable are high calorie!

Good thing to know--that your husband is an excellent cook and even likes to cook.