Friday, November 14, 2008

Holiday Shopping

I can barely believe it myself, but I've actually started buying holiday gifts and have been able to cross a few people off my list as "done"!!! Miracle of miracles...and it's all been done online at! Handmade gifts are awesome...but supporting independent crafters and artists is even AWESOMER (I know, not a word, but perfect for the sentiment) :o)

TGIF! Long week that went fast? Kinda. I'm looking forward to an evening at home, knitting the cable cape (I'm close to finishing the second set of initial cables at the 13" mark at which point I divide and decrease - whoo hoo!), eating some sushi, watching a movie and just plain ol' relaxing. We may venture out to catch a matinee of the new James Bond movie tomorrow - but no plans are good plans in my book!

Enjoy all!

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