Monday, November 10, 2008

Large coffee, extra milk, one sugar

Every weekday I go to the bagel shop for a large coffee, extra milk, one sugar before crossing the street to the train station. And yet, every day I get a different coffee. Each person that prepares the coffee interprets my order slightly different. The owners interpret "extra milk, one sugar" as "less milk, less sugar" because that cuts into their bottom line...and makes me pretty miserable drinking a stronger coffee...blech! My view is that there are plenty of customers who don't order milk OR sugar...doesn't it all even out in the long run? I guess, if I wanted to be more technical, I could say "2/3 full with coffee, fill rest with milk (regular, not half and half) and one heaping spoon of sugar". But shouldn't "large coffee, extra milk, one sugar" say all that?

Before I launch into knitting updates I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their emails about my grandmother. My mom called yesterday and let us know that her condition was slightly better than they anticipated during their visit last week. However, everything that could go wrong...did. Their outbound flight was delayed, the hospital "misplaced" my grandmother's belongings between the hospital and her "home" - which mysteriously showed up hours later without explanation...and their flight home was delayed (and those are just the larger "errors"). The downside is that Hospice will be in with my grandmother on a daily basis - which is good for my parents because they can get more up-to-date reports on her daily condition. We're all preparing for the days/weeks ahead the best we can. Perhaps she will recover to some extent. We'll keep praying for her comfort as best we can.

As for our friend who passed away unexpectedly last week, there is a Celebration of Life for him this afternoon - unfortunately I am unable to attend. Last week seems so long ago at this point - we've all just been managing the best we can. I actually did some "normal" things yesterday - laundry, grocery shopping and, believe it or not, I started my holiday shopping! It was good to relax with Ken and Casey - we kind of let the other "things" sit on the back burner for a couple hours.

As for knitting - I was able to knit while we were out running the above mentioned errands and am well into the second cable on the cape. It will be nice to start some of the decreases and see how it will come together. Each row takes quite some time - since it's a gazillion stitches knit in the round and I had to go down 2 needle sizes to make the same gauge as the previous knitter. It's kept me concentrating on something else so I guess that's helped in some small way.

The tangled yoke cardigan is also moving along now that I'm in the st st section and only have to do increases ever 8 rows - it's more mindless, and easier to do on the train (and lighter/softer on my hands than the cape).

Well, that's it for now - hope this week's adventures are a little less "heavy" than last week - talk to you again soon!

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