Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Yorkers, Being Square, and other musings

New York

New Yorkers can be fickle. New Yorkers can be wonky. New Yorkers are...well...New Yorkers.

Wednesday morning - E train at 34th Street station heading uptown - passengers get on; waiting for doors to close; all of a sudden a coffee cup comes flying into the car and hits the floor by a woman's feet; apparently the cup is empty; people look for culprit; might possibly be a homeless man routing through the garbage can on the platform; doors close; train leaves station; passengers go back to mindless subway staring

Wednesday afternoon - E train heading downtown - jolly passenger with luggage gets on at 7th Ave and asks if we make a stop at Penn Station; not one, but several passengers tell him yes and each throws in their comments: "3 more stations", "i'm going there too", "amtrak, LIRR, NJT?"

Thursday morning - V train comes through 34th Street on the E/C line heading uptown; passengers are hesitant to get on...will it make V stops or E stops; confusion solved; elderly Indian woman gets on..."Does this train go to 53rd and Lex?"...unlike day before, people look at her like she's actually speaking Indian and has lost her head; I say "Yes maam, we stop there", "Oh good," she says "thank you".

Sometimes you get coffee thrown at you for no reason. Sometimes people will help. Sometimes no one will. Theres no ryhme or reason. It's just NYC for ya.

Being Square

In previous posts I blogged about the Tahki Cape and the square "shoulders". Some of you have even asked...what's become of the cape with the crazy saddles? Well, I'll tell's come back to me for more surgery. Yes, my friends, the Cape loves Dr. Choo Choo just *that* much :o) The shoulder saddle is once again open and being re-knit. I swear to you...for the last time! Photos to come

Geode and Jasper

Has anyone had the chance to knit with Berroco's Geode or Jasper yarn yet? Well I tell you what - they are both fabulous! I will be finishing my Geode sweater tonight - I've been fiddling with the turtleneck sizing (super obnoxious huge is what I'm going for!) so pix will be posted soon.

And Jasper, ah, Jasper. Hubbins (I picked that up from one of you I think) keeps losing the hat I made for him a few years back so I thought I'd make a second one for him. When I was at Kaleidoscope I felt the Jasper yarn and fell in love. I whipped up a hat on Saturday and just need to finish the edge ribbing - it is absolutely fantabulous - seriously! Run to your LYS and just prove me wrong! :o)


So I was a little nervous about posting my hat and scarf patterns on Ravelry last Saturday. What if no one liked them? What if no one wanted to make them? Well, when the hearts started accumulating and the project numbers went up by one and two I guess I jumped out of my skin. It's really an honor...a see folks knit something that you created. I feel blessed - thanks for your support!

Ramona...the Potty Trained

Lastly I thought it worthy to mention that our daycare provider handed hubbins the remaining pull-up diapers from Ramona's cubby yesterday afternoon with the announcement: We won't need these anymore. My little bug is growing up TOO fast...I'm so proud of her!

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A Homely Heroine said...

Congrats on the pattern publishing on Rav! Thats funny about New Yorkers, I wish it was a little like that in London, mostly no one speaks to anyone else on the tube at all, politeness, shyness or rudeness? Can't wait to see the cape finally finished, I'm struggling with the Twinkle pattern at the mo in a similar way : )