Monday, January 26, 2009

The Case of the Square Shoulder Cape (SSC for short)

Ok - seriously - before I sew in the ends again, please help me with determining if the "after" is better than the "before"...I think this is one of those situations where I'm "too close" the project at hand...isn't that always the way?

Before... (several shots from the various tries)

Version 1
tahki tweed cable cape 2

december 2008 001

Version 2 (after surgery #1)
december 2008 014

december 2008 016



To end on a high note...Ramona the Smiley (say cheese!)


Dora said...

Okay, I like the "after". NOW LEAVE IT ALONE.... the poor thing thinks you just like to pick on it.

Jeannine said...

They both look stunning to me! I say leave it as it is and enjoy! Gorgeous pattern!

MoniqueB. said...

Love the buttons, and those red specks really spice it up!
Now you'll be nice and snug.
great smile Ramona!

Creative Chaos said...

The AFTER is just perfekt !!!
Patti xx