Friday, January 09, 2009

The Human Brain

I absentmindedly must have been singing a song from The Spongebob Squarepants movie in my head this morning when I got to thinking about how much information the human brain can accumulate and store.

Here's a list of 5 random things I know I know...

1. I wrote two theses in college - both for my degree in Art History. The first was a comparison of paintings done by favorite Italian painter of all time. The second was about Native American sandpaintings. Almost 20 years later, both of these papers are still quite good (in my humble opinion) and neither show much of the naive person I must have been at the time. Which is quite a testament to my studies I suppose.

2. Yes, I do know some of the "Goofy Goober" song from the SBSP's movie - complete with horrifying images of David Hasselhoff - egad!

3. I adore Picasso's blue period because of it's historical significance. My favorite Picasso, however, is located right here in NYC and am thrilled to go to MOMA (although I don't go nearly enough) to see "her" - Girl Before a Mirror. I could spend hours in front of that painting it is so terrific.

4. I remember random lyrics to songs I listened to in middle school...and perhaps earlier! The other day I had to call a car service called (NO JOKE) White Line Limo. All I could think of was the Duran Duran song from the early 80s which talks about the other white lines...blowing away.

5. I recognize voices VERY quickly - friends/family are often amazed at this. My hubby finds this trait both helpful and annoying. Case in point, last night we were watching part of Kung Fu Panda. Whenever a new character would speak I would say: Dustin Hoffman; Jack Black; the guy from Knocked Up; the voice of the son in Curious George. I like this matter how weird it may sound.

So what weirdness do you have in your brain? Isn't it just amazing that we really have no control (for the most part) about what dwells in there permanently?

Happy Friday to all!

** BTW, I never got photos of the for those that are interested, the grand prize included two balls of Paton's stretchy sock yarn (purples, etc.), a project bag from Kaleidoscope Yarns, a pair of earrings from my friends etsy shop, a yarn cutter, and some other stuff I got as donations from etsy peeps. The 2nd place prize was 2 balls of KnitPicks Palette (purple also) and 3rd place was a skein of C.T.H. Supersock yarn (jewel colors). Thanks again to all those who participated. Maybe I'll make this an annual event!


Anonymous said...

I amaze and astound my family with jingles from TV commercials from my childhood!

Dora said...

Oh my you don't even want to know what is in my head. That is a scary place to go.

1. Let's see I can still explain the Rule Against Perpetuities to anyone who cares to discuss this weird restriction in property law.

2. I can sing Sponge Bob Squarepants theme and some assorted songs from The Wiggles and I have no kids. (Explain that one to me).

3. Can just about recall where everything in my house is located and I can even tell you exact where in the box, drawer it is. What I hate about this trait is it means my hubby never remembers where anything is and is always asking me.