Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ghosts and $15/wk

I'm usually not one to mess with things unnecessarily. Which is to say I prefer to leave well enough alone. I don't look for trouble. I avoid confrontational situations when possible. I steer clear of drama.

However, I've always been mindful of "other worldly things". I was complete addicted to Anne Rice's Vampire series (not the movies...just the books) and I read Stephen King from middle school through college. I was intrigued when my family stayed on the Queen Elizabeth and there was mention of ghost sightings. When I heard the stories about Lizzie Borden's home I read online reports about what people had experienced in the house. I also happened upon the "reality" tv show (Ghost Stories???) which set up some scientific equipment and monitored "activity" at the house. None of which I believe was proven or disproved.

To clarify...I do not necessarily believe ghosts...I just find the stories interesting (esp when you discount the ones that COULD be real...and leave all the crazies to their sensationalism).

But why do I mention ghosts?

When I got home from work yesterday Matthew told me a story of something that happened to him that morning. First of all, I must mention that Matthew has been known to tell tall tales or exaggerate the truth...so Ken and I listen patiently to all his stories and sort through what are "wolf cries" and what might actually have merit. Yesterday's story went something like this:

Ken had already left the house with Casey. Matt was getting ready to leave for school. He put on his jacket which he got from the basement stairwell hooks. He put on his sneakers which had been by the kitchen door. He went to retrieve his backpack from the dining room. At this point he heard someone, a female voice, telling him not to forget anything for school that day. He swears it was not his imagination.

Believing this all had something to do with a tired 11 year old who just had a rush of sugary cereal I left it to discuss with Ken when Matt was out of earshot.

When Matt went upstairs to change into his pj's Ken quickly came to me and said that he had a similar thing happen to him last week. He had been sitting at the dining room table when Matthew came up behind him. Matthew was saying something and Ken turned to tell him to "stop hovering" when he noticed no one was there. He called for Matthew and found him downstairs playing on his Wii. (** queue the theme from Close Encounters right about now **)

Now I'm just a little weirded out by all this - especially when both happened in the dining room. Does anyone know anything about paranormal occurances? It's probably something as simple as the house creaking or the heat coming on or the coffee pot cooling down.

And to get off the freaky subject of ghosts and spirits...let's discuss that Ken and I recently bought a new coffee maker and we've been bringing our coffee to work every day. I've approximated that this will be a weekly savings of $15 or $780 for the year! Not too shabby...fingers crossed we stick to the habit!

And because this is a knitting blog (mostly)...I'm almost done with the sleeves for the Geode sweater and should be ready to start working them with the body this evening. Dare I suggest I might be able to wear this sweater by the end of the week??? Look for updates soon!


Elaine said...

That does sound freaky. Like really. But I don't believe in ghosts at all.

The coffee pot is a great idea. It also saves time since you don't have to stop on the way to pick it up and wait to pay. At work we have a coffee club type of thing. We got a very expensive professional espresso/cappuccino machine and order expensive coffee and buy milk. After the expense of the machine (now more than 10 years ago) it costs us roughly $10/MONTH per person for coffee if you don't use milk, $15 if you do. And it is terrific and available whenever you need it. Making your own makes sense.

Dora said...

We have converted to the same and we have started making sure we use cash (the green stuff not just the debit card) for everything. That way we really see how much we are spending.

So far we have found ourselves eating in more and using up stuff we have stacked in the pantry as it so hard to part with the actual cash. Plus we know once it is gone there is no more. So that makes you think twice before you spend.

On the ghost front... no experiences I can share. Boo.