Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A new week...and a finished project?

This being a new week and all I was determined to work through the remainder of the Clapotis - if for no other reason but to finish it so I could wear it! It's looking like I'll wrap (get it, haha) it up this evening either on the train or shortly after dinner. The two skeins I bought have a brighter yellow, and more blue/turquoise than the original 3 - but I think the way it will fall around my shoulders with the dropped rows will be fine. Someone may notice - but not necessarily think it's done "wrong".

Once it's done I'll head back to Strawberry Hill and should have that finished in no time. I've done the back "side" and will lay it out for blocking tonight along with the sleaves. It's looking great so far...do I dare say I'm loving it and may make one for myself?!?! And I'm a huge fan of the original pattern color so I may have to slurge on it when the time comes!

I'm also planning to make a log-cabin style blanket for our room this winter. I think I have the right yarn already in my stash (and enough of it) so I just need to find the perfect pattern. Any suggestions for something super simple and quick?

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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