Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thoughts about blogging

I often have these great ideas that I want to get down on paper (or web) when I'm doing something where there is no opportunity to do so. Sometimes I remember to write down a brief description of the idea - but then I never find the time to expand on it. Having been a writer most of my life it's kind of frustrating in a way. It's something I enjoy, and something I just plain forget to do.

Last week I thought "well why don't I start a list of things that pop into my brain and then I can write about them one at a time and that will become routine and I'll get back into it". Hasn't happened.

Then I think "what if the things that pop into my brain aren't what pops into other people's brain and then I've just wasted their time by writing about it here"...or "if it's not "knitting" related, should I blog about it? I guess blogs are all encompassing and knitting and my life are intertwined so blogging about both makes sense...right?

Here are some knitting updates...
  • Dora's socks - There are lots of great facets to this story. The first being that Dora and I met through Sock Wars 3 and became fast email pals. She is absolutely a lovely person and I can't wait to meet her in person some day. After the war ended, I had planned on surprising her with a pair of socks. While trying to figure out the perfect yarn - not just any yarn would do - she emailed me and suggested we knit a pair for each other. You know what they say about great minds! So I found my yarn and am currently on the leg section of the first sock. I frogged the first two attempts - one had too many stitches; the pattern and the colorway on the second pair was just looking miserable! I wanted these socks to be just right...and now they are! I love how they are turning out this time and I hope Dora does too! Lastly, when my daughter asks me who the socks are for and I tell her "Mommy's friend Dora" she gets SO excited because she knows Dora - Dora the Explorer. It's REALLY cute!
  • Finished Strawberry Hill sweater for Jill almost 2 weeks ago. I am so proud of the finished product. Here's a bit of the email she sent me: "the sweater arrived this morning and it ROCKS! You did a superb job! So my feedback is nothing but awesome." Here is a photo of her wearing it...
  • Trying to figure out who I will make holiday gifts for this year - and who will get what - it's quite a task. I REALLY want to make something for Miss Shelly, Mom, Liz, Alexa, Ken, Maryann, Brian, Charlie, Abby, Chuck, and so on and so forth. Those of you who knit know this list could go on forever! A couple of those folks have birthdays between now and then so I'll see what I can accomplish so they don't all pile up at once. Top of the list has to be Miss Shelly - one of our daycare providers. She is just the Cat's Meow, and I'm really not all that fond of cats! I'm thinking I will make a Koolhaas hat for her - and a matching one for one of her daughters. I know she'll love it - and she's just SUPER deserving!!!
  • Have joined some new groups on Ravelryrecently...and am thrilled to find more inspiration and friends each day!

Guess that's enough for now - hope everyone is enjoying the remainder of the summer (where did the time go?!?!).

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