Friday, July 18, 2008

Current projects and updates

So Sock Wars is FINALLY over for me (and still going for approximately 160 knitters) as of last Saturday when I got a beautiful pair of socks made by Sam and Wendy. I ordinarily would never have chosen the colorway - but the pair of socks is special and I appreciate the hard work that went into them (AND they fit me to boot!). So what does one say about Sock Wars - well, for now, at least, I'm going to remain mum on the topic - maybe someday I'll tell you the story!

Summer knitting seemed to get complicated somewhere along the way. I made an Elefante for my niece's birthday and my DH decided to hand it - literally - to my daughter whose eyes widened and she looked up at me and said "mommy knit for me?" What could i do/say? "Yes Angel, mommy knit for you" "for me, mommy?" "Yes, for you" "thank you mommy". It broke my heart to come up with an excuse ("elefante needs a tail") to get it away from her a few minutes later. But it also put me on the spot and I had to knit Elefante v.2 that evening and following day to compensate for the guilt I had digging into me. Well, mission accomplished - Elefante v.2 goes everywhere with Angelface now. Hooray for mommy - but still, BAD DADDY!

Next up was a top-down cable sweater (by Stefanie Japel) for my sister's birthday (early august). I got a two large cables into it and began to really like the sweater. Feeling unsure about the "deserving"or "appreciation" factor of the end result, I put it aside to potentially finish for myself later on...after all, I hadn't yet gotten to the point where you make size alterations or repeats.

And thus I began my first pair of toe-up socks for my sister instead. I am even using the colorway I was never quite excited about - which will probably suit her just fine. The first sock is complete and second one is in the foot section before the arch increases. I should be able to spend some time on them this weekend with plenty of time to spare.

In the interim, I have started the Strawberry Hill sweater for Jill - and boy, the pressure (all self-induced) is on! I guess I'm ok when I know I've made a mistake in something for myself or a friend. But when knitting something that an exponentially increased number of observers will see and feel is incorporated into the process, boy I knit each stitch so much more carefully! It's crazy - but fun.

The plus side to receiving that yarn shipment was that my hubby knew i was expecting yarn that I didn't have to buy - so when there was other sock yarn in the box he wasn't any wiser to suspecting I had purchased that part on my own - hee hee.

Everyone have a great weekend - through the Strawberry Hill process I'm sure to post a little more frequently!

Peace out!

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