Monday, December 01, 2008

P.S., Design Preview and Turkey Day

After I posted yesterday I realized I forgot to say I was thankful for someone who has been a great friend this year - since May to be exact!

My S.W.3. buddy - DORA!!! (her blog is linked on the side panel)

I find, as I grow older, that it's harder to make "new" friends - especially women friends. But Dora and I were thrown into the craziness of sock making and instantly bonded! As time progressed, and bad S.W.3. socks were wielded, we eventually made "friendship" socks for one another (I think I mentioned them a few months back). Dora is just such a great and funny lady - AND she likes NASCAR too! So I am thankful for Dora!!!

Now, what some of you have been waiting for - design previews! I've been working on this sweater on and off for the past few weeks - but really got into it last week, right before Thanksgiving. Trouble was, I only had 5 skeins of the yarn in my possession (4 more are on their way to me and should arrive today!). The body used 4 balls, the first arm used 1. The flared turtleneck will probably use 1 - 1.5 because it will be all stitch pattern repeats. Here's a preview...PLEASE (*pretty please with sugar on top*) tell me what you think of it so far...and be honest!!!

stefanies wings november 29 2008 006

Here's a closeup of the stitch pattern...

stefanies wings november 29 2008 004

I'm not 100% about what I will call it - although the drafts have always included something about Stefanie Japel, whose class I designed it in. I've also made a worsted weight scarf and have started a bulky weight scarf using the same stitch pattern...

ye ol wives tale scarf november 30 2008 006

ye ol wives tale scarf chunky november 30 2008 001

Both of them will have to be blocked - obviously - but don't they look fabulous?!?! And such an easy pattern repeat too!

Lastly, here are some photos from the Thanksgiving feast at Casey's daycare (which was so much fun!!!) and of Ken's first dyeing "board"...

casey ken karen matt november 2008 002

casey ken karen matt november 2008 003

warping board october 2008 006

warping board october 2008 002

warping board october 2008 007


Turtle said...

she's such a cutie!

Elaine said...

I love the design. I think it looks great.

I just noticed that you live in Morris Plains. I went to a post-T-day party on Friday and spent the evening speaking with a very nice woman I'd just met. When I was leaving, I asked where she lived - it was Morris Plains. Funny. I've never known anyone from MP (although we once looked at a house there), and now there are 2.

yarnygirl said...

I think your design is gorgeous-classic lines-very feminine, very flattering-can't wait to see the turtleneck put on!! Nice job-love your stitch pattern. Is this your first design? Love it!

Dora said...

You did that.... I LOVE IT and you know I don't hold back... (aka SW3 -madness). It looks great and I am in complete AWE. I wish I had the patience to do that (and the mathematical skills to boot).

Can't wait to make mine :)

Unknown said...

I also love the way it looks - very nicely tailored.

MoniqueB. said...

That's cute, your kids! They're so happy!
The knitting is lovely, a snug fit! The shawl is nice and warm, that will get you through winter.

SueKnits4Fun said...

The design is superb and I must say very Karen!! Gorgeous, classic lines, and I love the stitch pattern!! Congrats!


I'm Sue & I'm addicted to *besides yarn - knitting needles! I want to buy them like I buy yarn! I'm always looking at new ones!

...and finally, my deepest sympathy, Karen, to you, your dad, and the rest of the family. I know you will all miss her, and I want you to know that I'm here if you need a shoulder anytime, anyplace.

rita said...

The design is gorgeous. I love the stitch pattern.

Unknown said...

I love it too. Is everything OK - you haven't posted in a while. Hope you're just busy!