Monday, December 08, 2008


Well the weekend sure was a ton of fun.

Little Miss Sunshine had a great birthday and received some fabulous gifts including a dollhouse, a "broomstick" Unicorn, a shopping cart, a doodle board, and a Princess dress-up set.

The guys had an awesome weekend because they got to ride the surf machine at Great Escape Lodge - and their body aches match their enthusiasm (and remind them that they're not as young as they once were).

I had a heavenly weekend because Liz brought me my order from K-Yarns which had the Geode yarn and pattern book included! There simply is not enough time to knit in a lifetime! On Saturday night, when everyone went off to the arcade, I stole some "me time" - I watched the pop-up version of High School Musical 2 (I'm a closet HSM junkie) and finished the chunky blue scarf. I'll sew in the ends and block it this evening and should be able to gift it on Wednesday.

Spoke to my mom yesterday and it seems like the service for my grandmother went fine on Saturday. They have wrapped up all of the paperwork and misc "to-do's" and should be home sometime mid-week.

Now the rest of December starts rolling itself parties, TONS of friends birthday's (one of which turns 40 this week - no names of course), knitting presents, finishing shopping, sending out cards, baking, wrapping, keeping head from spinning...

We're expecting to make the annual trek up to Burlington for New Year's Eve - need to figure out dog logistics and then let the rest fall into place. I can't wait really - it's one of those annual things that just makes sense to me - I can't imagine being anywhere else to ring in the new year (yarn from Kaleidoscope on the needles of course!).

My resolution for next year (as it probably should have been this year) is to knit from my stash as much as possible - which should, in theory, be easy seeing as though I've tried to only make project-specific purchases and have sold off some of the less appealing/functional yarn in my stash.

** Bonus points for your knitting/yarn resolutions **

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Jill said...

OMG - I watched the pop up HSM show too! I was home alone (YAY) knitting and getting healthy after a super busy day a the shop. Marc and the grisl went to 2 holiday "events" and I passed due to exhaustion, poor health, and the need for some stealth knitting time. Hope you had fun at the indoor water park!!!

Turtle said...

Hope your weekend went well! Actually my resolution for knitting is the same as yours..use from my stash. I have had a tendency lately to choose things to knit, then shop for the yarn vs using what i have and saving $$. No more (and no my fingers aren't crossed! smile)

MoniqueB. said...

Glad to read that your little girl got spoiled rotten! hahahaha.
My newyears resolution will be to knit even more than the 17000 m I've knit in so far (this year) but more projects for me!
I will enhance my stash though, I still haven't got enough lace yarn in the right colours!
My little girl is also having her birthday december 31th. It will be her 6th.

Elaine said...

I'm like everyone else - I'm going to knit from my stash. I'm not going to buy more yarn (ho-ho-ho)

Glad your weekend was tons of fun and your sweetie had a fun birthday.

Glad your Grandmother's service was fine.

Unknown said...

Welcome back. Glad everything went well and you're sounding so happy!

My resolution - knit down some of the stash before indulging again.

Unknown said...

My resolution is to finish a project before starting a new one, mostly.

Unknown said...

I resolve to knit from my stash and keep WIPs to only a handful. Yeah, right.

Taylin said...

I want to narrow my list of projects down to at least three (from 10 or so). That would be a miracle!

Sarah said...

I feel like my resolution every year is to knit from my stash, but this year I really mean it, particularly as a large portion of my stash is taken up by yarns for sweaters I intend to knit. I seem always to get excited about something new and go out and buy the yarn for it; I think it's about time to knit the sweaters that have been in my queue for a year or more.

Dora said...

Knit from the stash... hmmm... okay I promise to try too. In fact most of my christmas knitting has come from my stash. Okay and glad you left out my name for the 40th birthday :) Ha Ha.