Monday, December 22, 2008

Down to the wire

Contestants at the ready! There's just one more post until the big One Hundred and I'm scratching my head about how far I've come! I hope that y'all keep in touch and visit my blog even when the contest is over. It's been so much hearing your stories and "meeting" everyone...although the big work of compiling numbers for the drawing still lies ahead...yikes! For informational purposes, the biggest "entry" accumulators are (in no particular order): Jersey, Tom, Turtle, Elaine, Homely Heroine, MoniqueB., EJ and SJ.

We're also down to the wire on Christmas. All of my knitted gifts have been finished except for Nana's Therapi - which is about 35 - 40% complete. I definitely won't finish in time for Thursday (unless I suddenly become some sort of crazy 24/7 knitting machine) but I'll be able to finish over the next week or so and that's close enough for me. But then the "What next?" question comes into play - and I've got several yarns and patterns...I just need to decide which one I heart the most (and remind myself that 2009 will truly be the "Year of the Stash" - but, Jill, if you're reading this, don't hold me to it, ok?)

This weekend was a bit crazy as every weekend before Christmas turns out to be. I tried to knit, honest I did. But with Ken out plowing the entire neighborhood (or so it seemed) most of Friday night and Sunday, I barely had time for anything outside of watching Casey...and boy does she need to be watching, my goodness!

As of last night, here's where Nana's sweater stood...
therapy for nana 5
I have this on a 24" circular at the the bottom looks gathered but really isn't. I tried to flatten it out as best I could without losing stitches. The body pattern is a 3x3 rib which alternates every 4 rows for a basketweave stitch. It takes approx 7 minutes per row.

We celebrated my mom's birthday on Saturday afternoon - which turned into a belated birthday for Casey with my parents since they were in S.C. on the actual day. Let me tell you, 3 year olds do not understand birthday's as one date in time. If you say becomes THEIR birthday. So even though we celebrated my mom's birthday was Casey's birthday ALL...WEEKEND...LONG. Try explaining that!

Also difficult to explain was why there were presents under the tree from Santa and why she couldn't open them yet. They're not from Santa...they're from my sister and I put them under the tree so they were out of my dining room/wrapping headquarters and didn't get confused with everything else going on. I didn't explain that they were from Aunt Jenny because she, again, doesn't understand. She also doesn't understand that, in the grand scheme of things, 3 more days is NOT far away - to her 3-year old brain it's an eternity. Another "as yet to comprehend" idea is that not all "child" presents are for her. I've had to hide Abby's and Charlie's and Alexa's presents from her completely - knowing she would try to play with them otherwise. Seasoned parents, please tell me it gets easier by age 4!!!

NEWS FLASH: The best way to start the I was writing this post I got an email from my sister saying she was on her way to the airport to pick up my bro-in-law who has gotten a 2 week R&R from his tour in Iraq!!! I can't imagine not seeing my husband for almost 5 months...but this means Chuck is halfway through his stay...and what a wonderful holiday blessing for our family to have him home! Hooray!

Anywho...I'm sure I won't have time to blog again before this will be your last chance to get bonus points (so I can start coordinating entry numbers, etc). Points awarded for each answer...

1. funniest blog comment I've made during the contest (that is, if you think I've made any funny comments)
2. your favorite color
3. your favorite city in the world (visited and/or on your wish list)
4. your favorite yarn to use for yourself
5. your favorite garmet that you've knit for yourself

Happy holidays to all! And thanks for sharing my journey to's been so much fun!



Taylin said...

1. The "that guy" post for sure
2. Sky blue/royal purple
3. Misawa, Japan
4. Knit Picks Andean Silk (don't be scared off by the company name, this yarn is niiiice)
5. An unoriginal hat made from handspun - too cute!

Unknown said...

I'm here collecting extra points. Glad I'm on the list of contenders.

1. Definitely the "that guy" post. It was fun reading all the responses as well as yours. Who knew that all of your contenders are such klutzes.

2. Purple

3. London

4. I love Posh Yarns Sophia which is a sock weight pure cashmere yarn from England. It's moderately pricey but beutiful.

5. One of those multi-directional scarfs that I managed to leave somewhere.

Elaine said...

I love the way Nana's sweater is progressing. The diehards are all trampling over for our last chance to pull ahead with more entries!

I see that some of the answers are very uniform:

1) I agree about the that guy post.
2) I'm also a purple person.
3) Tough choice. Might just be my home town of New York City.
4) I love so many yarns, it's hard to pick my favorite. How about Schaefer Yarn Co Marjaana. I haven't seen it in person, but I love most of their yarns (I feel disloyal saying that I don't love Elaine since it is lumpy) and this is wool and silk and looks gorgeous.
5)Hanne Falkenberg's Studio Long sweater is my favorite. I'm thinking of doing another which is why I love collecting sock yarns even though I don't love knitting socks.

And Happy Holidays and Congrats to whoever wins!

Sarah said...

Well, gee, I'm not going to be very original.

1. That guy. I so could relate.
2. Blue or green
3. Torono and Jerusalem. Istanbul is pretty cool, too.
4. This is a tough question! I love STR for socks and Cascade 220 or DIC Classy for sweaters.
5. Definitely my Feb. Lady Sweater. I think I'm gonna wear the darn thing out!

Have a great Christmas!

Unknown said...

Hmmm - I feel like such a follower but here it is:

1) that guy
2) purples and blues
3) London
4) Very tough when you love so many yarns. Maybe I'll go with a Posh yarn - Eva (silk and cashmere - can you believe it) I'm so easily influenced. I would have never even thought of Posh yarns except for reading someone else's comment.
5) A sweater of my own design made with many differ yarns from my stash.

Can't wait to see the winner!

A Homely Heroine said...

I love your stories about your family, you have such a sweet daughter!

I sure will still be around after this contest, though I'm a quiet lurker, but I'll try to comment more.

Points? yes please!

The funniest post was 'new york has a case of the crazies'
my favourite colour is blue
my favourite city visited is Paris, it oozes romance
my favourite yarn is a soft but practical dk yarn, like debbie bliss cashmerino or rowan pure wool, my favourite 'brand' is rowan
favourite garment? the beret I just finished making.

This is so exciting, Happy Holidays!!!

Unknown said...

Hi to all the regulars. I'm also normally a lurker, but your contest has brought me out to comment more. I'll also try to be a more regular commenter. I do love your photos.

1. I've gotta go with "That Guy". I really enjoyed it.
2. I also love all shades of purple, but also blues, reds, but I guess purple is still numero uno.
3. Favorite city is San Francisco. I'm surprised no one else mentioned that.
4. Favorite yarn is really dependent on mood and project. I love Noro and Colinette, at least most of their natural fiber yarns. Probably Silk Garden for a worsted weight, maybe Point 5 for an uber-bulky, and then there are all of the beautiful hand dyed sock yarns - from so many companies and Indies - Lorna's Laces, Jitterbug, Shibui, Hazel, Cherrytree Hill ...
5. I hand dyed my first yarn this year (in royal purple and royal blue) and then knit it into a jacket. I just love both the intensity of color and the design.

And happy holidays everyone. Hope we'll all gather here next year :-)

ikkinlala said...

1) I, too, am going to have to pick the "That Guy" post.
2) Blue.
3) I'd love to visit Buenos Aires sometime.
4) This depends so much on what type of project it is, but maybe STR mediumweight.
5) Thuja socks - they just fit my feet really well, and it's been cold here lately so the heavy yarn I used is appropriate.

Happy holidays!

Turtle said...

Glad your mom's birthday was a good one. It truly does suck to have your spouse away for so long. Hubby was navy for 15 years...and always gone! 2009 will also be a year of the stash for us as well, my work has been slow so keep expenses down! (plus daughter is college now so ...yikes!)

1. i think the "that guy". i really really laughed hard at the "pee bottle" response to that post.
2. green
3. san franscisco
4. hmmm, most any indie dyed.
5. either the Wicked sweater or the Blue Sky Alpaca lacy knit cardigan.

Turtle said...

oh, i love the sweater your working on! forgot to tell you!

MoniqueB. said...

Hi Karen, Merry Christmas to y'all.
Yes, I recognize that birthday thing. My daughters birthday is 31-12 and she has been counting for 75 days!!! Now that it's near, she becomes very agitated.
Funny thing: always fireworks at her birthday made her comment on her brothers birthday in april. She was 3 at the time; wondering why there weren't ANY fireworks at hís birthday, like when she has hers. hahahahaha.
I know how it is when your husbands away. But not to the extend of worries because he's in Iraq. Mine was in Kosovo for a full half year. My son was only 3 months when he went, and 9 months when he got back. We 'survived' it all with lots of love from my family.
And now for your 5 questions.
1: the comments on "that guy" were hilarious.
2: My new favorite: white.
3: Definately Machu Picchu. Never been there, but always wanting to go.
4: alpace, (usually laceweight) but alpaca is soooooooo soft.
5: I hardly knit for myself but a cowl is always points scored.

I will definately keep on visiting your blog, it's got humor, lots of knitting and love.
Besides that, I'm an avid trainlover.

MoniqueB. said...

I forgot: happy birthday for your mother.

My mother and me will be a 100 years old together next year. She'll be 60 in april, I'll be 40 in october.

Elaine said...

I just wrote you a long post saying I hoped your holiday was wonderful, but it crashed and now I'm too lazy to retype it.

Anyway, I do hope it was lots of fun and I've had lots of fun with your contest too.

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas from all your contest groupies. :-) I think most of the die-hards will stay even after the contest because of the good humor, photos, and fun.