Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Seriously - the bobbles just won't end!!!

Ok, so I have been knitting the sleeves of the textured sweater since last week. I can't believe how long they're taking. I thought that if I had stayed up late last night I could have gotten them done and sewn to the sweater. Not so much.

I was measuring them on the train this morning - and aligning them with the arm holes on the body - and I still had another inch or so to go. GOOD GOD, MAKE THE BOBBLES END - PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASE!!!

I was able to get half of, what I'm hoping will be, the LAST row of bobbles done as we entered the tunnel to the city this morning. I think that the additional 6 rows of St St will get me to the right length to bind off - SAY A LITTLE PRAYER FOR ME!!!

If all goes well, I'm hoping the sleeves are bound off on the way home - and I'll sew them to the body tomorrow morning...because...


More on the bobble situation tomorrow

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