Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Don't make me go all MacGyver on your A@s!

OMG - so there I was quietly sitting at my computer when I needed to push my chair back and get something from the files. All of a sudden I heard a weird cracking noise - and wondering what on earth could have made such a noise I looked down at the wheels on my chair and noticed that my knitting bag had tipped over and I had just run over one of my beautiful Knit Picks Harmony needles - size 1's. They were attached to the second of my Bartholomew socks - and I was going to take some time at lunch to finish the toe. Not so much! I almost cried. I called my fellow knitting co-worker and she was not at her desk - I left a desperate voicemail. Two seconds later she was walking by unaware of the message and I showed her the horrific site - two pieces on my desk - and a shortened needle on the socks. There was no way to repair. I pulled out my DPN case - and found no size 1's - they are in the other case AT HOME!!! So how would I finish the toes? Would I cry all the way home and make a mad dash to the DPN case?

Oh no, my friends. I pulled a MacGyver using office tools!

I found my trusty - and SHARP - scissors and starting whiddling (sp?) away at the tip. Once I got it to a decent point I took out my nail file and smoothed the edges a little more. I'm left with approximately 2.5" of needle on the broken end - but it will be enough to finish the socks this evening.

What an adventure!


Unknown said...

Good for You !
Nothing should get in the way of Knitting. Kind of like mailmen used to be "Neither rain, nor snow..." before they became Postal Workers.
MacGyver is one of my heroes. I even got the DVD collection and watched back to back with my DS2 on a snowy weekend.
I watch Survivor with DD2, a lot, and we used to talk about how I would take knitting stuff as my luxury item. But now they don't get that. And we sit there figuring out how we could make knitting tools and come up with fiber to knit. Even more extreme than MacGyver.
When an unnamed airline took away my knitting, I practiced knitting (on the plane) with airline supplied tooth-picks and dental floss from my carry on.
I had a very nice Christmas Snowflake decoration by the time I got home.
We shall overcome!

Anonymous said...

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