Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pet Peeve Numero Deux

Ok, so commuting in NYC is never easy - trains break down, they get delayed, they are packed full of people and so on.

However, any seasoned commuter knows the "walk left, stand right" policy on escalators. And any time there's a hold up on the "walk left" side, you know that it's some tourist or old person that doesn't know the rule. Everyone grumbles, people stretch to look around to see the hold up and it generally helps get your day off on the wrong foot.

But here's question. Why can't people stay in "lanes" - even IMAGINARY lanes at best??? First scenario - you're walking through the turnstiles and down a long platform which is at least 2 - 3 people wide. For arguments sake, let's say two. So ONE person will walk in the middle of ALL that space and clog the system, backing up dozens of commuters who are headed for their predetermined spot on that platform (most of us align ourselves to where the doors will open and where we will be let out at our destination - often times right at the stairways out!). Why can't that Clogger stay to one "lane" or the other so other's may pass???

Second scenario - when you arrive at your final destination and the people tumble from the subways, why can't people stay in their "imaginary lanes" while herding to the stairways? How difficult is it to realize that there are two sides to the staircase, each side warrants two rows of upward bound people and you need to position your walking toward a row - and not "change lanes". What if these people were driving on the road? It's the same darned theory!!! Use your blinker. Watch for oncoming traffic. URGH.

So that's what I have to say about pet peeves today - people who don't stay in their lanes SUCK! :o)

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