Monday, January 14, 2008

Bubble Cable - Old Posts from Ravelry

1/10 - Finished the 26 rows of increases and just started the main body across. The cabling FINALLY just comes to me instead of having to look at the chart - after a million rows what else would i expect?

1/9 - Finally go to the section where you CO 3 stitiches going from arm to body. Made a mistake last night - forgot three rows - had to FROG and re start last night and this morning. Back on track. Hoping to get to body by end of week to see more of sizing. Fingers crossed!

1/3 - I was reading through the pattern and can't believe the numbers for sizing and measurements - i'm 5'10" and can't phathom how this sweater will fit in the long run. I'm half tempted to FROG what I've done so far - which would totally stink - but will see how next section goes. I might even try basting the seam for the arm to see if it really fits - I have some muscles in my lower arms that the tapering effect might seem tight on. URGH, the fun of it all!

1/2 - My "wingspan" is greater than 60.5" so I made the ribbed cuff 6.5" and think it will be great. I'm going to chart out the pattern for the additional stitches that get added because they're hard to keep track of - a visual will definitely help! Will try to publish it in case anyone else would like to use

12/30 - I've tested the gauge - first on a lighter weight yarn (jojoland wool) and now using the Baby Ull. I'll be able to cast on as soon as I have the longer size 4's - VERY excited!

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