Monday, January 14, 2008

Bubble Cable - Update #6

Well, I didn't get through quite as much as I thought this weekend - my beloved husband is such a "do--er" and I didn't get a moments rest -- even with my aching back. Well, I got a little rest, but it would have been nice to have more knitting time. The "do--er" needs a supervisor - I should say a CONSTANT supervisor - when doing things inside the house. A long time ago I relinquished my input on OUTdoor projects -- but the INdoor ones I keep a constant eye on. This on again / off again weather has him jonesing for something TO DO (thus the nickname - The DO--er). Since he can't do much outside, he has been eyeing everything inside which in turn causes me a headache because I can't even take a nap without knowing everything will be as I left it when I wake up. Last weekend he was on the organizational kick - which caused out small office/play room to be upturned and the basement to get a facelift - and for lots of money to be spent to do it. If he had had his way, he would have completely redone the rest of the office this weekend - but I sternly put my foot down - he's just looking for more TO DO!!! URGH!!!

So anyway, the knitting was a slow go. I've gotten about 14 rows done across the head opening and I'm finally feeling like I'm almost half way (I keep forgetting about all the body ribbing that will have to be done once I get to the end of the other cuff). Oh well...moving along!

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