Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Yes, another annual email about Rhinebeck...my favorite event of the year!

This will be a year of Rhinebeck firsts...

  • For the first time, I'm staying the ENTIRE WEEKEND, not just making it a day trip with the family. I'm staying with an awesome group of knitters and am both nervous (new people) and excited (old friends) about it. I'm also planning on lots of fun and shenanigans (**coughKIMandYVONNEcough**) and being EXHAUSTED by the time Sunday rolls around.

  • For the first time, I'll be a SQUARE on the Rhinebeck BINGO board!!! Haven't heard of it or signed up...well Stitchy is running it and all the details can be found here!

  • For the first time, I'll be wearing TWO new sweaters at the festival...BOTH of my own design!!! Y'all remember Ramona, right? Well, picture her in Christmas Green! She's my current WIP so I don't have any pictures to share, but believe me...NOM! The other sweater is brand spanking new, is still blocking and I'm hoping to seam up the sleeves tonight or tomorrow. It's a comfy oversized sweater with some intarsia. The plan is to publish it this fall...just need to get it edited and photographed...hooray!

  • For the first time, something I knit will be published in a booklet, available for purchase at Rhinebeck! Ann Weaver is planning to release her newest booklet, "White Whale Vol 1" hot off the presses, while at the festival. If you see her - ask her about it!!! And make sure you ooh and ahh over the pretty rectangular shawl (orangy in color) - knit by yours truly

So is EVERYONE as excited as I am?!? Where are you staying? When will you be there? Pretty please, with sugar on top, say "hello" if you see me! I promise to deliver hugs and smiles :o)


craftivore said...

Yes, yes, yes, super excited!! Congrats on your publication in Anne's book and all the awesome designs you've done this year, you are grabbing life by the horns baby.

Ria said...

I missed Rhinebeck last year. Can't wait for this year!