Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's in a name?

I posted the following comment on twitter a few days ago:

Post Rhinebeck Sad: I miss calling people by their real first name and using screen name as last name. e.g. karen choochooknits

And this really got me to thinking about how much I kinda really love naming people in this fashion. Not only does it utilize the individual's REAL first name, but keeps them anonymous by using their chosen moniker (which usually indicates something about them) for their "last name".

Some examples...and a bunch others which need no further explanation:

Karen Choochooknits
Misa Craftivore
Marie Bklynhandspun
Michelle Boringknitter
Andrea KnittingBicycle
Laura MyHouseKey
Caro Splityarn
Deb StitchyMcYarnpants
Kirsten ThroughTheLoops
Sarah NotScarlett
Chawne CauchyComplete
Cathy Runnergirl713

Every single one of those names makes me smile to know their owner. Hooray for knitterly friends!


liz said...

I call people by their internet monikers all the time. And people get mine a bit mixed up, I've noticed - not pronouncing it as in library but liberal. Which is fine, as I am politically liberal but it isn't how I chose my name, lol.
I was describing my weekend to my dad & accidentally called you "Choochoo" - he was confused, which was hilarious.
Carrieoke & YarnyOldKim both always make me chuckle to say, especially. In a *good* way, of course. :)

choo choo knits said...

@ Liz - your "Lib" could be for any number of things...


Laura said...

Unoriginal me picked a twitter name based on my last name!

Liz, I always read it as "lib-as-in-liberal" but I knew it was for a library! Funny how we get certain pronounciations in our heads...

Michelle said...

I'm so not ready to come down from my Rhinebeck high yet!

Meganne Fabrega said...

I love all those great Rav/Twitter names. I wish I could turn my Rav name into MegFab now. I have taken to calling my daughter (Maxine) MaxFab.

Julia said...
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Julia said...

So lovely to look at all the pictures from Rhinebeck and post and tweets!
Maybe some day I will come over to go to Rhinebeck. It seem to be worth all the traveling. And it would be great to use the real names of knittingfriends! :)