Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Zoinks! It's October already?!?!

Yep, so the big four oh has come and gone (thank goodness!) and we're already into October. For those who may not be aware, these couple of weeks have been THE craziest I've had for a while. I've tried to keep everything nice and laid back (as works best for me) but we're now at the pinnacle of everything - and it's TOO TOO much for me. Yep, I surrender. This weekend is Alyssa's wedding and I'm the cake maker/baker. There's a LOT more about the logistics of this cake and our plans - but I'll tell you all about that next Tuesday (or when the chaos is behind me/us). Trust me, you'll also wonder how I managed it all.

So, for the times when I can't possibly bake or make LOADS of buttercream icing, I've been knitting - to keep my sanity in check! And the train ride to/from work is about the only time I've been getting - bah humbug! At least I'm knitting a couple things that I love.

1. Hallett's Ledge by Elinor Brown. I started this without telling anyone. It was sort of an impulse and I'm using yarn from my stash - hooray! Basically, I REALLY wanted to make a new sweater for Rhinebeck and I'm hoping this is done in time. With a bunch of roadtrips in my future, this seemed like just the thing!

2. Surprise shawl. All I can say about this is that I'm taking my time and using softer than soft yarn. I think I probably started Hallett's Ledge to take mini-breaks from this because I need to concentrate on the little stitches :o)

3. Socktober Socks by Kirsten Kapur. So many people have raved about past Socktober KALs that I finally decided to join in. The first clue was posted on October 1st and one clue per week will be released for the rest of the month. I have not cast on - BUT I do have my yarn wound (thanks to Whitney sending it to me that way!) and am putting needles in my bag in case I get an opportunity to start in the coming days.

Well, that's all I can share for now. Look for pictures of the wedding cake and some knitting next week. Until then, say a prayer that I get everything accomplished! Boo-yah!

Peace and Happy Knitting!


Julia said...

You are so right. I can't believe it's october already.
And: Sometimes I wish my ciommute would be longer -so I could knit during the trainride. But I have to change two times and mostly don't get a seat so there is no time and space to pull out the knitting.

Jeannine said...

I have never knit on a train, or made a wedding cake! Looking forward to how it all came out!