Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I'm working on some sketches for the Shirley Paden workshop and most of my designs are pullovers. "Am I anti-cardi?" you ask. "Well, sort of", I say. "Why is that?" you reply. Plain and simple...I have bewbs. Yep, two of them. And they're THERE - no mistaking them. Ever.

I try to avoid button down shirts because I find if I buy them to "cover" (as it is), then the body portion seems overflowing with material. And while I'm tall and admit my size is ample, I'm not in the "tent" category (nor is that flattering on anyone).

When I see ladies with gaping button-bands, and know people are getting a peak of their undergarments, well, that isn't something I want to share with the world. So I avoid oxford shirts and cardigans - pullovers are safer for me.

But I LOVE some of the cardigans I've seen lately. And, to be honest, I adore my Tangled Yoke sweater - mostly because I customized the fit.

And yet, to design a cardigan? Tougher than tough for me. Would I actually wear it? Ugh, what to do?

Tell me, fellow knitters, do you have any issues with a certain type of design?


Natalie Servant said...

I'm anti-done-up-all-the-way cardigans because of the issues you covered (boobs & gaping button-bands). I like the 2 store-bought cardis I have well enough even though I don't do them up. I think I've resisted making tops of any sort for myself for the last 15 years because I'm not thrilled with my shape. I want to get over that.

Julia said...

Although I'm a bewbs-kind-a girl I wear button downs and cardigans but I avoid to wear them so tight that there are gaps between the buttons. Sometimes I think a pullover is more like a bulky cover up than a cardigan.
If YOU would design a cardigan it is going to look awesome. Give it a try! ;)