Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm on a "diet" of sorts

The furnace at Chez ChooChooKnits started to die sometime toward the end of the winter months (thankfully). We had our trusty plumber come over and install our new kitchen sink back in May and had him take a look at the furnace...just in case it could be saved. No such luck. After 30 some-odd years, the old gal was finished. The good thing was that it's now SUMMER - and no one cares about heating their homes. So when hubby spoke to the plumber he said "if there's anything you can do, when you have down time, we're willing to work with you on having the new one installed". Brian, the plumber, finally called us last Friday and said "since it's so hot, why don't we work on your furnace next week?" On Sunday night, Hub and The Punk, moved shelves in the basement so the old furnace was easier to take out. This exercise in organizing required my shelves and bins of yarn to be relocated. It also required Hub and TP to SEE how much yarn I have...YIKES McGIKES! Well, when TP came to me and said "Dad and I got you some new much BLUE yarn do you need?", I knew the gig was up! **To note: the blue yarn in question was a LARGE gift from Dora, gifted to her from Trudie, before the later moved to VA, and the former moved to CA. So, you see, it wasn't PURCHASED yarn - it was gifted - and free yarn is the best kind!

Anyway, i'm determined to start knitting ONLY from my stash. Yes, yes, i've said it before - and i made a really good dent last time - but this time i need to make a couple of sweaters and/or a blanket and that will clean things right up - esp if i use the BLUE yarn for TP sweater - that'll teach him to tease his mom! ha ha

So i'm on a yarn diet. And I've decided to make it an across the board "spending diet". This means I'm IMMEDIATELY deleting any and every "sale" email when it arrives. I have plenty of clothes, thank you Banana, Gap, Old Navy, Talbots, etc. Lord knows I don't need more shoes. And I certainly don't need more yarn - so I'm sorry to my fave yarn shops (for now)! I WILL read more blogs and Knitting Daily because it will remind me of patterns I can knit with my huge stash of yarn :o) And I'll continue to go through my queue on ravelry, and my books and magazines for ideas when I ask 'what's next?'

However, if any of y'all would like to purchase some yarn from my stash, I'm happy to say that I'm likely to part ways with most of it - after all, we now need to PAY for the new furnace - ah, the vicious cycle :o)

Happy Friday and Happy Knitting one and all!

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craftivore said...

I'm pretty much on a yarn diet too. Let's see if we can make it until Rhinebeck! (I think a little cheating at Rhinebeck would be allowed...)