Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Getting better

I like to think that I'm more invincible that I really am...but sometimes I just have to submit to defeat. Since I like to think that I've matured a bit in my 30s (ha ha), I don't like to necessarily tell people when I'm sick - which, as you know, it seems I've been quite a bit this year. Tis true.

Over the past couple weeks, I've had walking pneumonia (which is confirmed to be gone) and now a bad bronchial infection (second round of meds) - all due, I believe, to my worsening allergies. When I'm feeling better (when will that be???) I will march myself off to a new allergist and see what can be done to prevent my bi-annual bronchitis (now more like 3 - 4 times) once and for all. I'm tired of battling this. I'm tired of drugs and doctors and copayments and, quite literally, feeling like a bump on a log.

With the current round of meds I can honestly say that "better" is within sight - hooray! Yes, I'm still working...but taking it easy as best I can. It also helped that we had a long weekend for the 4th - so that I didn't have to use another sick day (yikes!).

The one good thing about being housebound for three days was that I got to knit in between naps (and in an air conditioned house). I started Alyssa's Mystery Wedding Shawl - yippie! Steph (gleek) generously gave me 4 skeins of KP Bare (I think it's Peruvian wool - lace weight) in January - and I chose it because Alyssa will be able to dye it...if she wants...after her October wedding. So far, the pattern I chose is going along nicely...although I know I'm jinxing myself for not yet putting in a lifeline (did I learn nothing from the Lotus Blossom Shawl last year!?!!). On my to-do list for this not pass the starting marker, do not collect $200 (although the extra cash *would* be nice - ha ha).

The bonus to knitting the shawl is that its nice to have blocks of time to work on it. With the current stitch count, I can get about 3 or 4 rows done per train ride. With our NE temps in the 100s yesterday, my train broke down on the way home and I was able to get about 6 rows done - SCORE! So even though it was a bummer to have to sit on a train that kept losing power and a/c, at least I had sunlight and something to do (besides grumble, like the other passengers!). This breakdown also meant that we eventually debarked and were picked up by another train - which happened to be my "old train" with Sue and Patty on board - hooray! I haven't seen them for a couple months (has it been that long, really? wow) and it was nice to catch up on this and that...esp to see what they're knitting too! I love my knitter friends.

Well, that's my update for today - just trying to stay cool in this crazy heat. ConEd has issued statements that office blinds should be closed and HVAC systems should be kept at 76 degrees. Which is all fine by me - as it's a bit cool here and I have my lovely Savannah sweater (knit last month with Miss Babs Yowza) to keep me comfy.

Happy knitting y'all!


Yvonne said...

Wow! Hope that you feel better soon! It is a biatch to be ill. I agree with you that the heat is crazy!! You'll have to let me know what pattern you're using for the mystery wedding shawl. I'm battling a serious case of startitis -- specifically the lace strain of startitis!! Take care and get better!!!

Stefanie said...

Oh my Good Grief! I hope that you feel better soon, too!! I bet you're right, that the allergies have something to do with the lung stuff! The last time I knit with silk I ended up with a really bad cough and congestion in my lungs.

I feel for you! To be so sick in the summertime just ain't right!!

Recoup! regroup! Get better SOON!