Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ho-Ho-Home Stretch

So my holiday knitting is *thisclose* to being complete. Granted, I did have to ax one project completely...but there's always Mother's Day or a birthday or a "Just Because" around the corner so the only one who knows it didn't get finished is me (and now you).

I'm still fussing over my neighbor's 30 yr old sweater - it needs a button band...and an icord (actually a single crochet chain - who does that??)...but I don't think a button band is appropriate for an already busy sweater so I'm thinking hook/eye clasps instead. We'll see. It's my MUST DO this weekend.

Also, I want to finish the T-Rexes (how do you pluralize that???) for the kids. The body of one is done and took a nano-second to I'm thinking they won't take long. Because Matthew isn't spending Christmas with us this year I'm planning to have them finished for his return on Dec 29th - plenty of time, right?

Since I finished the mystery scarf for my mom last night I brought the "ruffle" scarf on the train with me case I can finish it in time for an extra gift...I wonder who the lucky recipient might be?

How about everyone else? Are you ready for the final crunch? Is all your shopping done?

And...Is it January yet? tee hee


craftivore said...

What shopping? I think I leave it until the last minute because I dread it and that way I have the maximum amount of anxiety. Plus, I seem to have a lot of work that I can't concentrate on because I'm too preoccupied by everything that needs to get done.

Dora said...

No shopping this year. Did it all through the year so I am done, baby, done ! ! ! ! And as you know, I did not knit for anyone this year. Having to deal with working at the mall (what a fun time), I just wasn't in the mood to whip out those hand-knits this year. I just worked on socks for me. :)

Jeannine said...

Hi, checking in to visit! Haven't chatted with you in awhile! Hope your Christmas was great! I did most my shopping online and worked out great. Made a ton of Fetching gloves as gifts...