Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Mascara, knitters and an everything bagel CAN fix some things

Without going into a lot of personal detail (this is a knitting blog after all)...things have been fairly emotional and hectic for me lately. In fact, they've been so topsy turvy that my "routine" life has been far from "normal". My eyes are a little puffy as proof.

This morning, after receiving the school delay call, hearing the town plows beeping half the morning and trudging through the snowy/rainy haze to the train, I fell into my seat exhausted, yet again. It's as though I can't shake the "funk" or cloud above me. And that's not "me".

So, while putting my makeup on I decided today would be a good day for some eye-brightening mascara. Score 1 for me. Then, after the last stop before NYC, I spied a fellow knitter working on a scarf (???) using some fluffy grey wool. Score 2. And finally, after arriving at work and getting a Board meeting started, I ate a delicious toasted everything bagel with a smidgen of cream cheese. Score 3.

It's amazing how some *little*itty*bitty* things can make you feel better.

Happy hump day y'all!


Laura said...

Oh no!! Hugs to you. Hope things turn around soon.

Dora said...

Hugs, hugs, and more hugs. Can you see me fanning you to chase away the dark cloud hanging there. Wheeewwwww, wheeewwww.

Feel better soon...

Kim said...

I am having a hard time shaking my funk cloud too. It sucks. But it is the little things that make you feel better during the course of a day. Everything bagels are my favorite bagels!