Thursday, October 29, 2009

Page 5

As many of you know, you can "Friend" people on Ravelry. Friends you know. Friends you would like to know. Friends who knit pretty things. Friends who are interesting. Friends who Friend you. There are always lots of Friends to be had.

I have 6 pages of Friends. Many of which I met through Flickr and met in person at Rhinebeck (hooray for FRIENDS!).

The funny thing about some of these that the ones I look up the most are on Page 5. What's important about Page 5? Well, when Ravelry pulls up your Friend page there are quick links to pages 1, 2, 3, 4...and then 6. To access page 5 you have to go to 4 or 6 and hit next or back respectively. OR you can go to the Hop button and drop down to 5. Page 5 requires some extra attention...high maintenance Friends? Just joking - they all rock it!

Some of my page 5-ers worth mention (in alpha order):


MoniqueB. said...

Hi Karen,
my 5 page is M-S like yours.
It's just as you mentioned, you have to take some time to get there.
I scroll through them pages everyday, just to spot the birthdaygirls (hardely any man in mine).

Susan C. said...

Ha! This made my day. Hugs to you, Karen!