Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why yes...yes it is me!

Hello fellow bloggers...I am back...and I apologize...has anyone been sucked into Flickr like me? I saw Jeannine poke her head in...I'm wondering who is next!!!

So what's new with me in knitting land? And where has March gone?!?!

The month started with a great day of new friends and knitting at Dora's house which Alyssa and I were privledged to attend! Dora, you may recall from prior posts, is my long-lost-sister (in spirit) and we "met" via Sock Wars 3. The War, and most of it's participants, were dreadful. But from the ashes rose a great friendship. Here's a photo of cute!

365:31 (Sock Wars Sisters!)

While at this mini-retreat Alyssa and I worked on our Lady Eleanor KAL For Two. I, however, questioned the sizing of mine? Was it too small? Would it be "wrappy" enough? How much yarn, in the end, would I need to make it everything I dreamed? Well, I frogged it the following day and restarted. Another day or two down the pike I decided that the second try was WAY too large. Urgh. Frogged again. Does anyone know what a pain it is to frog single ply silk? Let me just say, it's not fun. Attempt #3 seems to be the charm...although now I'm questioning if it's STILL too "wide". I ordered more yarn so I will have 2000 yarns invested when all is said and done. Egads! I'm halfway done and into the 3rd "ball" (at 500 yards it seems hardly a ball but more like a brick!). It's also, unfortunately, slightly too large to lug back and forth on the train. So it's slightly on hiatus for now...please pester me about it so it doesn't go into permanent hibernation!!!

Lady Eleanor - Half Way

Other recent knitting:

Textured Shrug from Stefanie Japel's new book GlamKnits
self portrait march 11 2009

Finished Tangled Yoke - see above photo with Dora...I wear this Cardigan A LOT!!!

Two 13" x 13" squares for the blanket

Because of the whole can't-carry-on-the-train issue with the L.E. I decided to start my mom's Flower Child sweater for Mother's Day. I'm making it with Knit Picks Cot-Lin in a similar green/sage color as the pattern photo. I haven't worked with the yarn before but so far it's been working up nicely. I have no photos to share of it as yet...bummer.

Instead...I'll leave you with this goofy photo mosaic I made for my 365 Project!


Dora said...

We did have a blast that day and I am sooooo looking forward to getting together again soon.

Love the wrap although I am not a huge fan of entralac. But that yarn was soooo yummy. Just remember it is cheaper than doing it all in cashmere.

Miss you Tons and glad to see you back in blog land.

Jeannine said...

Yay, hooray! You're back, you're back! And you have been so busy and productive on the wrap and such. And such fun and goofy pics of you at the end! You look like you get there at the office earlier than anyone else :) I haven't gotten onto Flickr much except to see where in the world you went! Because I know if I get started on there,...I'd get sucked under too!

MoniqueB. said...

Oh, you did join SW3. I was in 1 and 2, but no more wars for me. Lovely that you've found a friend in that horendous war.
The entrelac is wonderfull. I'm stíll waiting to start, eventhough I know i want to knit one. You're a quick knitter!

Kim said...

Once twice, 3 times a frogged Lady Eleanor. I think I would have given up after frogging once. But damn is she purty!
I too am very consumed by the Flickr thing. It's so fun & easy. It's like micro-blogging. We must meet up one of these days since we live so close!

Alyssa said...

I had an awesome time at Dora's and I hope we do this WEBS thing soon...cuz you know really need more yarn.