Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm not changing my can't make me

Today is a Monday. I could end this post there because I know you would understand.

It's a Monday and I'm achy for a multitude of reasons. And I didn't feel like wearing clothes that "fit properly" I'm wearing brown pants that are "full" and an orange sweater (which I actually like - and got on sale for something crazy like $2.99 at Banana Republic a couple years back). I'm pretty sure that I picked up black shoes from my dark bedroom this morning but realized one was brown when I was on the train...and QUICKLY (you don't know how quickly) looked to make sure the other foot also had a brown shoe on it. I have the same pair of shoes in two colors, obviously. Whew....both brown.

And since there's a graveyard shift at the office today I decided, unanimously with my other selves, that I will not change my shoes today and you can't make me. Brown pants and brown shoes is defaulting to a matter if the shoes are more chocolate and the pants are more heathered. Take that fashionistas!

No pictures...because I simply don't want to hear the laughter...ha ha ha

Seriously...I'm smiling!

How's all with y'all?


Sarah said...

I've given up trying to make my shoes match my outfit perfectly. As long as they could conceivably go together and they're comfortable enough for me to walk to and from work in, they're fine as far as I'm concerned!

Dora said...

Now I am the one who wore one blue shoe and one black shoe, to court no less, when I had same style shoes of two colors. Needless to say I tried to keep me feet under the table all day.

It was not the dark navy blue either that could be confused for black. You definitely knew when I came walking down the hall I was wearing 2 different color shoes.

But that's not as bad as the day I realized I went around all day with my skirt unzipped. Yep, another story for another day.

Jeannine said...

I have done that too-the one blue one brown thing. Another lady did that to knit night, and it was funny. Reds are hard too to match in the dark. And you get to work under those lights and Wham!

MoniqueB. said...

My favorite Garfield cartoon is the one where he looks into a mirror, next picture you see the image: Snoopy.
Last picture Garfield claims it must be monday... Says it all!
Luckily, there's always tuesday coming up.