Thursday, June 05, 2008

Remember "Video Killed the Radio" - Sock Warriors is doing the same

Here's my two cents...

Sock Warriors - Let's put the fun back in this game! There's too much "knit" picking/backstabbing/name calling and it's just not fun for those of us who signed up for a challenge/pattern/friend making adventure!

What's the prize - more yarn? Hey, that's all well and good but come on - do we bash/trash/criticize each other for more yarn - like we don't have enough to last us another lifetime?

Please, ladies (and gents), let's all put the F-U-N and ENTHUSIASM back into the GAME!

Let's stop the Heretics and witch hunting in the name of all that's right and good and KNIT! Let's accept that most players are HONEST and not read into knit times - and point an accusing finger because we're afraid of death by socks (?!?!?!).

Knitting should be a stress relief. A calming natural drug. A relaxing visit with yarn and needles. An escape from the every day.

Let's reclaim this war and ENJOY IT!!!


Anonymous said...

Here Here.

Dora said...

I hear ya sister... too much bitchin and not enough knittin'

It is a game, just because someone misses a stitch get over it... are you perfect...Ha ha

I am just having fun and ignore the "complainers"