Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The "problem" with 2 cameras

We've got two cameras - my more "serious" Canon Rebel xTi and my hubby's Powershot. We usually use the powershot because it's quick to grab off the counter AND it takes video. The problem with having 2 great cameras is that I never seem to get all the photos transfered to the computer, and subsequently to the web to show folks. I took some photos of recent knit work - but i think those are on the powershot - but I last downloaded from the Rebel - so things are all out of sync. I still have pics from a family party in May that I want to get downloaded to share with the cousins, etc. And I've got knit projects that I want to update on Ravelry - but keep forgetting because I don't have the photos. Ah, such easy problems in the grand scheme of things ;o)

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