Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It might be too hot to knit...

...but if you stay inside in the air conditioning it's not too hot to order yarn online :o)

Sue, Alyssa and I placed a joint knit picks order today. Sue and I ordered the new sock blanks - how awesome are those things?!?! Now Sue and I need to find a date to dye!

It's supposed to cool down over the next day or two - please keep your fingers crossed - I don't know how many nights we can continue to have "family camp-outs" in our finished and cool basement while the house is under construction. Hopefully, by the weekend, the majority of the work will be done and we can get the air on - whew!

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Dora said...

I know, I actually was working on the Sock Wars sock yesterday and it was sooo sticky the yarn would not slide on my lovely bamboo needles. :)