Tuesday, March 11, 2008

When your knit "buzz" gets killed by a stranger!

So I'm knitting socks - which are generally not on top of my list of projects. But I had the yarn and I was just going to make a generic St st pair of socks - which I was perfectly ok with.

Then I ran into P&S who both asked "are you using the pattern that came with the yarn" and when i responded "no, i'm just doing st st" they both seemed a little disappointed. So I said what the heck, I didn't get that far, ripping out a couple rows won't kill me, I'll go with the pattern.

To note, this was also my first time doing an adult pair of socks using two circulars, both socks at the same time. So I know i'm not an expert at the process - but once I learn a new technique, heck if i'm not a spitfire and off and running (i.e., the Ocean Toe socks).

So there I go, off on my merry way, knitting the pattern for the socks which is fairly simple and liking that the colorway ISN'T striping like it called for because I didn't like the striping as much as I like the "pattern" my gauge was allowing. Case in point on this - I changed the smiley face on ravelry from the 2nd best to the best about two days ago. I was a happy knitter of socks.

Until today!!! Yesterday I posted some errate/notes I thought happened with the pattern (which is not written for 2 circulars). The one mistake, I K-N-O-W is a mistake. The "note/comment" I made about another section is something I understood - but thought the numbers were off. In fact, I just think that if someone more beginner than me were to make the socks, they might be a little confused by the instructions. Whatever.

This morning I received TWO "comments" from the author of the pattern telling me I was WRONG WRONG WRONG - that I wasn't following instructions. Well, no duh, her instructions WERE wrong. But she won't own up to the errata - or my comment. I wrote back further explaining myself (why, I don't know, I don't know her from Adam) so she could see my point of view. She wanted NOTHING to do with it. She wrote back several lengthy emails telling me about shifting stitches and whatnot - and telling me I did it wrong. Believe you me - I did it right! She INSISTED I moved 6 from one end, and not 3 from each side - Woman, PUH-lease, I know how to KNIT for goodness sake!!! Don't tell me how to shift stitches on 2 circ's - I KNOW how to do it the RIGHT way.

Anyway, I have now downgraded my smiley from the best to middle of the road because this rotten egg ruined the knitting of these socks for me. I only have a couple rows to go on the toe and they'll be done on the commute home this evening. I think I'm most bothered by this woman's INSISTANCE that her pattern could NOT be wrong in any way, shape or form. And that the description of the knitting makes perfect sense. Well, it doesn't.

So that's been my day so far. That and a nosey co-worker...no names (if you want the story, and you know who YOU are, we can discuss later!!!)

Happy happy

how are you?



LillyZoo said...


You just wrote your own pattern. Knitting is very persnickety. I still don't know how to read patterns. I usually just improvise. I bet the socks are great! I can't wait to see a pic!

A Homely Heroine said...

Can you believe other people? Its not a knitting pattern if you can't knit from it! I hope you enjoy the socks despite the drama!