Monday, December 10, 2007

Pet Peeve Numero Uno

I keep telling myself that I'd like to make a pet peeve list - for no particular reason, just because. Maybe so I can expand on them and see if they bug the crap out of other people too!

So here's numero uno on the list (more in the future)...

Male/Middle-seat train riders!

I was coming to work this morning and I was in a window seat of a 3-seater. Another (male) commuter sat down in the aisle seat a stop later. A few stops after that - and the second to last stop for the train - another (male) commuter asked for the center seat. Now, I'm no skinny minnie. I probably take up my whole space - between my derierre and my bag on my lap, I stake out my territory fairly well.

But here's what peeves me today.

Middle seaters - generally male - who encroach on space outside of their own and feel they're not only limited to their seat - which, on NJ Transit, has CLEAR "lines" and upolstery "sections" - but ENTITLED to spread out and squeeze anyone in the window seat. I should stress that this happens more with MALE riders - especially when two are seated next to each other because, heaven forbid!!!, they touch even a centimeter of their clothes! Would that be gay of them??? URGH. Instead, it's ok for them to squash a female in a window seat and spread their legs as open as they can and hold their papers as wide as possible and, in general, show blatent disregard for their fellow riders. Male / center-seat riders are R-U-D-E.

And don't even get me started with the South Orange passengers who do NOTHING but complain about having to stand for a 15 minute train ride. Hello, I got my butt out of bed at 7:10 and was on the train at 7:47. They get on at 8:40 (or thereabouts) and bitch bitch bitch. Puh-lease!

I've digressed - it's all just SO frustrating

Tell me, how's your knitting going instead!!!

until next time...


Anonymous said...

I just browsed over from ravelry, and I found your post amusing. The same thing used to happen to me on the bus. I'd get squished into the widow seat - or worse - this one time a woman clearly wanted to the two seats to herself (and I already think there's a special place for people who put their bag in the window seat... unless they want to show me the ticket they got for their purse!) but she was sitting in the window seat, and I got on and sat down in the aisle seat (our busses are 2 seats wide). She was clearly annoyed, but who cares - I'd been working all day, too. She leaned way over to rest her arms on the seat in front of her - thrusting her elbows at me. Over the 30 minute ride she keeps spreading her legs further and further apart. First I cross my legs to take up less room, then I turn sort of sideways, so I'm mostly in the aisle. But she just keeps pushing. I practically fell out of my seat every time we went around a corner!

And people wondered why I was so desparate to buy a car!

SueKnits4Fun said...

Oh what a great post, my friend! It's soooooooo true! But do you supposed those encroachers even know about blogging? Do you supposed they even care???

Alyssa said...

I remember my MetroNorth days. I think they see my skinny ass and think they can spread them extra wide. I dont just get mean I get the LARGEST man on the train. Its no fun. Seriously though how much space to balls need? Really have you have stopped to think about it...unless you have basket balls down there you dont need that much room!