Wednesday, November 02, 2011

How to count sweaters? (yes, it's a question)

As the end of 2011 fast approaches, my Ravelry project page reminds me that I did not, in fact, knit 20, or 22, or as many sweaters as my friends joked I might. I will have knit, approximately, 15 1/2

But wait...because maybe I've knit a few more...I'll let you judge how to count sweaters!

Sweaters for 2011 (mostly for me, unless otherwise noted, all Adult sized):
  1. Aidez
  2. Abi
  3. Tashmoo (for MIL)
  4. Washington Square
  5. As yet unpublished sweater
  6. Little Blue Sweater
  7. Beatnik
  8. Erin Cardigan (for Erin; CCK Design)
  9. Gavotte
  10. Beagle (for Ken)
  11. As yet unpublished sweater
  12. Owl sweater (CCK Design)
  13. Ramona DRESS (CCK Design; counting this as 1.5 sweaters)
  14. George Street
  15. Nebula
Subtotal: 15.5

Sweaters for CC (kid sized):
  1. Ana
  2. Ramona Jr (short sleeves)
  3. Ramona Jr (long sleeves)
  4. Dagmar
  5. Striped Princess Raglan (lengthened body and sleeves; count as .5)
Subtotal: 4.5


So you see my dilemma. How to count sweaters? If I push myself to knit a 20th...would it REALLY count as a 20th?

And don't even get me started on shawls...Kirsten Kapur has converted me into a shawl junkie! Ha ha

Happy Knitting Y'all!


craftivore said...

Sick, just sick!! You are my knitting idol. I think I completed a paltry ONE sweater in the last year.

Michelle said...

I like your counting. You should definitely go for number 20!

gab-fab said...

um... I'm getting 20 when I add 15.5 and 4.5. So... ;)