Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Remember me?

Wow. Yowzas. Zoinks.

It's been WAY too long since I last blogged. And I'm sorry for that!

Work-work has been keeping me busy and I'm just never on the computer at home (well, hardly ever). If I could mobile-blog, that would make things easier. I'm sure there's a way...do you know?

My Ramona sweater was well received, in my opinion, considering the fact that most sales came from word of mouth...so THANK YOU for your support, fellow knitters!

I've just designed a cotton, open-front (no button) cardigan and am trying to work out the numbers to share with you! I made the prototype for a friend's birthday gift. Since she likes green, low maintenance clothes, and never buttons her cardigans...well, this design was a no brainer!

I'm still cranking away on my needles every train ride I get...and am looking for ways to knit wool, even in the summer months. For those keeping track, I'm on my 9th sweater of the year, and also knit three sweaters for CC...so does that count as another 1.5 sweaters towards my goal of 11 in 11? Or do I shoot for 12? Also, *some* friends of mine suggested I could probably knit 24 sweaters...but that wasn't the initial goal so maybe I'll do 24 in 12 instead? Hmmm. Maybe I could knit sweaters in other sizes and then raffle them off as a fundraiser...now that's an idea!

So how's everyone handling their transitional knitting from spring into summer? Anyone planning their Rhinebeck knits yet? I know I am! I'm blessed to be staying in a house with a group of awesome ladies for the first time ever! My hub and CC will come up on Sunday so they get their "fix" as well. But which spectacular sweaters will i knit/wear?

Ciao, my good friends. Happy knitting!


Meganne Fabrega said...

I am so impressed by your productivity! I'm working on small projects during the super hot days, but craftivore convinced me to begin a sweater this summer. Wish me luck!

LillyZoo said...

Yay!!! There you are! Glad to see you. J

Julia said...

Hi! You are so productive, you could knit 24 sweater this year easily!!!

I just started a Awbrey cowl yesterday. Himself wondered why on earth I'm knitting a cowl at the beginning of summer and I answered "To have it in winter!"
Good to hear from you again, sweets!