Friday, January 14, 2011


Last fall I took a day off from the hustle and bustle and drove down to Philly with Kirsten to visit our friend Andrea for lunch and some yarn shopping. Our first stop was Loop and we each picked up a couple skeins for quick projects and went on our merry way.

Only I haven't just gone on my merry way. I've obsessed. Often.

You see, there was a beautiful peony colored cowl that I have NOT been able to get out of my head. Once I got home that afternoon, I called Loop and asked about the pattern/yarn. Then I went online and *ooohed and ahhhed over it (and, if this entry were a pattern, I would say "rep from * to end" - ha ha).

Isn't it lovely?

It could be that I'm in love with the color...because I knit a hat using Quince & Co's Rosa Rugosa and everyone compliments me whenever I wear it. Or maybe it was the texture/ SO soft and luxe. In any event, I haven't forgotten...and am torn on what to DO about it? Do I just give in and order the pattern and yarn once and for all. Do I set a goal: If I knit X number of skeins from my stash I can place an order? Oh gosh, the decisions!

Any recent projects you've seen that you can't get out of your head?

happy knitting all!


Thea said...

If it haunts you, you HAVE to do it. Buy both and love every minute of knitting it. Happy 2011 to you.

craftivore said...

I'm hit with obsessions ALL the time. A friend knit herself a simple shawl/blanket with some bulky yarn. I even went and bought some Tahki Montana to do it with, now I'm waffling... I can't just copy her exactly... what to do? Yeah, go on Ravelry and look at all the others things people have made with that yarn over and over again.

Jeannine said...
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Jeannine said...

It is calling out to you, "Make me!" So you must answer the call!
Don'tcha think?

Laura said...

That IS a super gorgeous color, especially on you. Thanks for sending me some Quince & Co. in Rosa Rugosa! xoxo

weaverknits said...

DO IT!!!!! That yarn is crazy awesome!

And it's your color. Totally.

I'm currently ITCHING to crochet some granny squares. Could be hotpads, parts of a scarf, a blanket, a doily, whatever. That will be my reward for finishing the three (3!!!!) sweater deigns I have due by the end of the month...