Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Busy Knitting

In the past week I've cranked out SO many projects...it's almost surreal!

Back in November (or October?) I signed up for a Funky Carolina handspun hat swap. With thanks to Kirsten, I was able to knit with some yarn she spun (because y'all know I don't dare take on another addiction!). I recalculated/rewrote my Falling Leaves hat pattern for worsted weight and the new version looks so cute in handspun! Like the original chunky version...it's free on Ravelry...check it out here

I also knit a second Lolly Go Round double-cowl using Decadent Fibers Creme Brulee (a mix of merino, silk and mohair). I'll be bringing it, and some printed patterns, to Vogue Live on Friday. Stop by the D.F. booth to see it...as well as two other patterns I designed for them.

Also, if you happen to see me at Vogue Live (I'll be there Friday afternoon and most of Saturday), please stop me and say hello! I'll have some discount cards that can be used through the end of the year...and many exciting patterns will be published...so hang onto it for future use.

In addition to the above knits, I also whipped up another Darth using Cascade 128 Superwash...and have a second one, in a different color, on my needles as I write. These two hats are for the friend of a friend...and need to be done by Thursday. First of all, if you've never used this yarn - you're missing out! It's soft and a real pleasure to work with. Second, and I know that I'm a little biased because, after all, it's my own pattern - but hot damn, this pattern works up SUPER fast!!!

A test knit (sekret for now) and another Lolly Go Round are on the menu for this week...and I hope to have them done in time to model on Friday and Saturday! Hooray!

How's your productivity been? Happy Knitting Tuesday to all!


Laura said...

I have been super productive while visiting my parents ... almost an entire sock for my large-footed dad in <2 days!

Julia said...

Oh Karen as you may know I finally finished the babyblanket for a friend and am so happy about it. Wish I could meet you on friday or saturday at Vogue knitting live...
Have a great time!

craftivore said...

You go girl! Love all this creative energy.