Monday, October 19, 2009

Rhinebeck Withdrawal!

Two days later and Rhinebeck withdrawal is setting in. OMG how great was it to see everyone?!?! Forget the yarn...ok, well I bought two skeins, a mug that I had coveted since last year and two pins...but seeing all my Flickr/Ravelry friends was just out of this world!

Not to mention being/feeling stalked the entire time - but that's what I get for running a contest called "where in the festival is choo choo knits?"! All the winner's were fabulous - sorry I didn't get photos with everyone - and please, the gal I kept running into...PM me when you get a chance!

Here are some photos to reminisce...

Birthday cheers with Alyssa!

One of the contest winners...

Ann, Elspeth and me

Hooters!  Me and Kim

Emily, me and Mai

Gleek and me

Nothing keeps this girl from eating ice cream


Me and Jenn T

Me and Dora


MoniqueB. said...

Those owls get around! It's great to read about your fantastic time at Rhinebeck.
How did the contest work out?

LillyZoo said...

it was so great to see you and your beautiful family! lets get together again before the next festival-j