Monday, June 22, 2009

Look what we reeled in...

Happy Father's Day

I know a bunch of y'all don't flickr so I'm posting this over here in blogger land as well! Two cute kids, fo' sho!

We had a great Father's day celebration at our home - my sister, her hubby and their kids all flew in from Kansas and NC; my parents and my grandmother were there; as well as my in-laws. The weather held out (AFTER we had cleaned the house from top to bottom) so we were able to stay outside the entire afternoon. The kids were in heaven running around the yard, blowing bubbles, drinking obscene amounts of juice, eating everything they could grab when the parents weren't watching, and filling our yard with giggles galore! What a blessing it was to spend the day together!

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Jeannine said...

Oh yay! You are back! I spend more time in Blogger land and Facebook land than Flickr land...SOunds like you are still on Flickr land.
Cute pic! Hope your summer is starting out well!